Jeanette was always smiling and giggling always so humble. I learned about her battle by happenstance - she had sent a cancer program taking place at the Nation's Capital and invited me out. I went to try and catch up with her after a long time, that's when I called her and she told me, and she was too ill to come out. I planned to see her but I was sick with Corona and wanted to be clear and needless to say I'm saddened I never got to see her before leaving us. Jeanette leaves no doubt that she's with our Heavenly Father. She was always willing to share her knowledge with you and always hanging out at her sister's (Dorothy's) house. They always found a way to add you to their family and you never felt left out. Jeanette I will miss you and your smile. I still hear your voice in my ears but you leave no doubt in my mind that you made it to Heaven where you'll hear the words "come in my good and faithfull servant" We love you Jeanette, and we will miss you greatly
Anne Lynch