Aunty Jeanette was like my second Mom honestly. My whole life I’ve always had the strong women in my corner and she was one of the strongest. Auntie Jeanette was always there when my mom couldn’t be. Growing up in the Silver Spring area Pete was and has always been my best friend. Pretty much brother. Anything he did I was always like the annoying little brother that would just tag along lol. Auntie Jeanette would pick us up and drop us off from football practice. At dinner there was always extra in case I was coming over and I always had a place to lay my head at night in the Angeh household. She accepted me as if I was her own son and I’ll never forget that. She taught me what it meant to love and care for others, even if they may be a stranger at first. My Aunty had the biggest love in her heart and I thank God she was able to share a little bit of that love with me even though I wasn’t her own. I love you Aunty and I’ll miss you dearly.
Jindu Chiazor