Nza Jeanette, a precious and rare gem, blessed to have as an offspring to our family here on earth and now our Guardian Angel in heaven.
Growing up together as family, you have always been a very loving and caring big sister that I love and admire. As a young girl in primary school, I had my first vision of what secondary school life will look like from watching you carry yourself with dignity and pride in your PSS Kumba uniform. I was always looking forward to the PSS outings, because I was guaranteed to see you impeccably dressed, receive loving hugs, and hear your words of encouragement.

You are a true follower of Christ with Divine love in your heart for Mankind, and you exemplify Christ by seeing the good in people in a nonjudgmental manner. You are the epitome of a selfless, kind, loving, caring, humble, authentic, vibrant and faith filled woman, who has now left a void in the lives of many impacted by your tutelage.

Thank you for showing up and showing out at every family function with your caring, motherly and friendly spirit. My husband Conrad – your good PIC (Partner in Crime) as you fondly call each other, and I will never forget the motherly role you and my other big sister Dorothy played at our wedding in California. You showed up and took over the organization by making sure everything was well taken care of and gave me the confidence to walk down the aisle with no worries, knowing that my sisters have my back. Nza Jeanette, your love and commitment to family togetherness continued with visits to California with Pete and giving the boys and all of us the opportunity to bond as a family. Your kindness towards the boys went beyond them to their classmates as they shared with them the book series you bought for them to read. Your enduring commitment to the entire family was evident when your trip to CA did not end in Northern CA. You took Pete and went to Southern CA to visit with Belinda and Valery, who were college students at the time. You took diligent care of your uncle’s wife/our mom, Mami Martina Nchako. You travelled with our aunt/mom Mami Tonda Paulina Fondja to Belinda and Paul’s wedding in Atlanta, you stood by Celine and George during their wedding in MD as their matron of honor and the list goes on. Nza Jeanette, you truly showed us by your example that family is pure gold and priceless.

You made our visits to Maryland with the boys a fun-filled trip with beautiful experiences. I learned a great deal of lessons from watching you affectionately take care of the family as a true Proverbs 31 woman. You taught me how to run early in the morning for good health and vitality. Our time together: chatting, cooking and just being us, while the boys were playing will never be forgotten. Thank you my talented sister for hand making my best piece of jewelry that I get so many compliments on.
This illness came from nowhere and robbed us.

On April 22nd, 2022, 19 days before you transitioned, we spoke for nineteen unforgettable minutes about what was going on. One of the statements you made stood out and I quote “Angeline, I hope that I have fulfilled the purpose God sent me into this world.” Nza Jeanette, you did fulfill your purpose, beyond what you were called to do in the fleeting time you were allotted to be on this earth. You have touched so many lives: from family and friends to your acquaintances at your job as a Registered Pharmacist, and to being an ardent follower of Christ sharing daily scriptures with the world. I can hear the Lord say, “Come and rest on my bosom, my good and faithful servant.” Mathew 25:21.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be by your side the last 48 hours as you transitioned into eternity. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to hear you speak in Medumba for the last time as the pain intensified. My only consolation comes from seeing you with no pain and a smile on your beautiful face and knowing that you are right there in heaven with God and all our family members who went before you.

The world changes from year to year, our lives from day to day, but the love and memory of you, our sister, shall never pass away. Gone too soon but will never be forgotten!

Your beautiful and vibrant legacy lives on in our hearts forever.

Nza Jeanette, gentle woman, silent giant, full of grace, love, and light, continue to rest in perfect peace in the bosom of our almighty and faithful God.

We will forever love you Nza Jeanette!

Shalom! Adieu!

Your little Sister/Cousin

Angeline Nchako Njamfa