My dear and beloved sister, I knew about your illness. You entrusted me with everything, and I knew God alone is the one who can heal you. Yes, He loves you so much that He decided to call you in his dwelling place. The same pain Helen gave to us as a family when she left. It’s the same pain we are now encountering again. I knew you’re deep rooted in the Word of God so I didn`t give up praying and hoping even when the doctors stopped your treatment.
You did and organized everything when Helen left us although you were on your sick bed because of your love for the family and for her in particular. You comforted me each day when we talked. All my children know you and you also know all of them through the video-calls we usually make. You lived in USA and I in Germany, but I felt like we both live in the same town.  So loving and caring are you! A big pain for the whole family. Yes, you’ve decided to go and meet your sister.
I am feeling the vacuum you have left behind. Your daily scriptures shared in the family forum, your words of encouragement and comfort, your loving nature Yes, I have lost an angel of the lord in our family for the second time.
May the Lord, the Almighty God embrace you with his grace and love in his Kingdom.

Lawrence Batchanzi Ntanguen