Aunty Angeh,

To think that a women that I’ve known for so few years would mean so much to me. To start, she gave me a brother in her only son, and to finish, she always welcomed me as if I were one of her own.

I can remember days where Pete and I would come back to his place from a long night, we get up whenever we did the next day and she would be there in the kitchen waiting with a spread for us to be fed. She was like an Aunty to me but I would’ve had no problem calling her mom.

Her aura was forever bright. This is a woman whose energy was so calm, that if you felt out of place…being around her would settle you down.

She was extremely hardworking and creative. She was a mother, a tenured pharmacist and an affluent entrepreneur. Not even the sky could be her limit.

Aunty Jeannette was a woman of faith and also of true tenacity. She fought hard without complaint. She never let anyone pitty her and she always continued to look out for her own. It brings me great pain to have to acknowledge that she is no longer with us on this earthly plain, but to understand that she is no longer suffering helps slightly ease me.

Mama Angeh,

Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me and for also being the woman you were for your family. I know that you will continue to watch over us all as we work to grow and better ourselves. 

Peter Ngobidi