Nza Ja, as I fondly called you. It is hard to believe that you’re no longer here with us. I didn’t know I would be sitting down and writing a tribute to commemorate your life. It is hard but nonetheless, I must do it. Nza, you were gentle, soft spoken, generous, and kindhearted. You honored me by accepting to be the matron of honor at my wedding, and you went above and beyond to make sure everything went on perfectly as planned. I remembered getting a disappointment from the florist, at church, and I was so upset. You said to me, “Ce don’t worry, I’ll take care of it”. When I was walking down the aisle, the flowers at the alter caught my attention and I said to myself “yes! Nza Ja did a good job. I have always cherished that moment.

Even in your weakened state, you still cared for others, and were always ready to give and expected nothing in return. In Dec 2021, I paid you a visit and you asked me if I had a one-gallon water jar, and I said no, Nza. You handed me a brand-new water jar and told me to fill it up with water each day and drink all of it. Each time I pick up the jar to drink water, I think of you. That jar is a piece of you that I hold very closed to my heart, and I’ll forever cherish it.

On countless occasions, you volunteered to babysit my kids when I came to Maryland, from Virginia, to do some errands, even in a short notice. I remembered us visiting you one day and the kids started playing and turned your living room upside down. When I scolded them, you turned, looked at me, and with your soft-spoken voice, said “Ce, leave them to be kids, it’s okay.” The kids loved coming to your house since they knew their auntie will be lenient and not shout at them if they misbehaved as their mummy does. They are devastated by your passing.

When I visited you on Monday the 9th, little did I know that was going to be the last time I’ll see you. I promised you I was going to come back with the kids a few days later but God decided to take you away from us on the day of the planned visit. On numerous occasions, we prayed to God to use his righteous hands to heal you. Instead, he said “well-done, my good and faithful servant, come and take your rest.”

Nza Ja, you were a God-fearing Christian woman, who devoted herself to winning souls daily for God through evangelization. You sent daily devotions to countless people. Many already feel empty without those devotions. A lot of people spent time with God because of the devotions you sent daily. We sure missed those devotions already. We thank God for you, and for bringing people into His presence, and I pray that all those who were reading your devotions should continue to read them in honor of you. There’s no doubt that you’re seated at the right hand of your creator. Rest well Nza Ja, we love you, but God loved you more. Until we meet again – Adios big sister.

From Celine Nchako-Sonkwa

Celine Nchako