Ms. J

Will Start with our daily greeting:
Good morning my darling sister (Pause)
Still waiting to hear ” Good morning sunshine “, I am heartbroken that I will not hear those words again.
We are all to fulfill three appointments :
Your first appointment with Self was well celebrated . In the words of Hemingway, ” The world breaks everyone and afterwards many are strong at the broken places.” You celebrated the cracks as part of your story and made you stronger. You used your love, generous affection, acceptance and kindness as a gold dust to heal the wounds of others , like a Kintsugi vase. Even in your pain, we drew strength from you; squeezing our hands and asking if we are okay. I grieve for the hopes and dreams that did not materialize.
Your second appointment, which is your appointment with God, was impeccable.
Some of us run away from God, thinking we want something other than what He is giving us, thus run from ourselves. I remember you holding my hand, trying to get me to understand your predicament so i can help explain to Ms D. You told me she was upset the day she picked you up from the hospital and the Doctor had given you a very grim prognosis. Ms D asked you ” so what did you say?” You responded “I said okay”. “So are you just going to accept it?”, she retorted. You then asked me if there’s anyone we know that we will like for you to transfer your ailment to. It is one thing to bring a situation a situation upon oneself as we often do. We nonetheless fail to distinguish between when we are actors and when we are acted upon. Ms J you were able to realize the fact that your suffering is the effect of God’s Will and embraced it stoically. ” If this is the path God has mapped out for me, who am I to reject it?” That surmise your relationship with your Creator.
Finally, your appointment with Death:
You fulfilled your nonnegotiable appointment.This appointment is paradoxical to some of us because we treat the inevitable as the unexpected. You, my darling sister gave me Bible verses. You even took the pen and paper from me and wrote down Jeremiah 29:11. This is an appointment we all must keep. “It is for His Glory”, you told me. You discovered who you are and offered your Gift of Self to the world, you developed a very personal relationship with God and arrived prepared.
Each morning i still long for the inspirational messages.
I miss you so much!!.
Good night my darling sister.
( Long Pause)
To be Continued……..