My dear aunty Jane..
My mind’s eye holds dear the images of your beautiful face.
My soul is full whenever I look to memories of your sweet smile.
My heart is warm and full as I think of you.
You were not only a true ray of the sun, you shone around corners. You illuminated for me the hidden aspects of my father. Your shared love with him, and your care for me, made the interlocks and joints in our family move smoothly, without noise or flourish.
I am still growing in understanding of the hints and secrets you held.
You brought to us all love, knowledge, and wisdom, with absolute grace.
Your singular way made a special relationship with each and every one of us.
Always true, and always encouraging us to be exactly what and how we wanted and needed to be.
I will always hold what you gave to me, and long for what we did not have the time to exchange.
We will forever miss you.”
-Grace C.