I always I knew I had family members living three doors up. Aunt Jeanette was a neighborhood mom to so many of us then-badass kids who used to run all over the Willows. She’d keep us in check and was not playing when it came to dinner time. She provided a structure for Pete that rubbed off on many of us for the better.

She would drop by the house, sometimes with jewelry for my mom and me, other times just to check on us… But always smiling. It was the kind of smile you could hear in her voice. She could fill a room with her infectious raspy laugh. I remember just hearing her and my mom cackling in the kitchen. What I loved most was Aunt Jeanettes’ calm spirit – like you could already feel her warmth when she walked into a room. We were always met with that same warmth (and damn good advice) when we would run into her at work at the pharmacy up Randolph road.

I remember so many seemingly small traits about Aunt Jeanette because her spirit made a lasting impression. And, what a gift is it that she leaves behind so many of these traits in her sons, who in the last 25 years have grown with me as reliable big brothers. Peter’s huge –warm personality, smile, gut-laugh, work ethic, and his insane ability to connect with people wherever we are – are all imprints of Aunt Jeanette. I’m at peace knowing there’s a whole lot of her still here, while she lives at peace, at home with God.

Taylor Stewart