Aunty Jeanette,

My family and myself are very grateful for all the love you showed us and we keep very good memories of you, from your presence at our wedding in Bangangte in 2014, the dinners with Uncle Ondua in your house in Biteng, our short trips at SilverSpring, and of course the constant celebrations we had when our twin boys were born, almost “under your roof.” Thank you so much for love, support, presence and help.

While in Cameroon, it was very difficult for us to understand the severity of your illness. The information we kept receiving was “you are doing better”. My thoughts about that completely changed the day I had my late-Mom (Helen Batchanzi Wandji) appear in my dream, in March 2022, to tell me to urgently go and visit you in America. I understood this was serious and did my best to travel to the US two weeks afterwards. Although your soul has departed from this world, what appeases my heart is that I was able to see you and discuss with you three weeks before your departure.

I know you are with your sister Helen in heaven, and you both should keep interceding for us.

May your soul rest in peace.

Charlie Wandji and family.