My Dear Sister Jeannette,

The tragedy of the many deaths in the family has brought dread and despair upon us. My tribute to you has been difficult. Should I write, or shouldn’t I? Do I write a tribute because it is presumed to be the path to closure? Your departure from us forces me once again, as in numerous occasions, to confront the trouble of being born. We are thrown into an existence that one neither asked for nor desired. As a consolation, we are compelled at moments like this to meditate on those forebears who were the torchbearers and custodians of our family traditions and morals. These are the family heroes who made our early years endearing and unforgettable. Some of us will always tap on this source of hope and encouragement because it laid the foundation for our being in this world. I, being a couple of years older, and you, were fortunate to have been raised at about the same period by these great men and women. You so well represented what they had hoped for in generations to come.

Throughout your life and especially so in your final years, your composure and continued devotion to the Christian tradition is a Masterclass on religious faith. You never gave up because you lived by your religious convictions, and for that, I congratulate you. I will always remember the phone calls we had as you battled this menace of an illness. You won because the pain is over, and you are now on a different journey. I am certain that our ancestors, those recently departed and those almost forgotten, will welcome you.

You know the place you hold in our hearts. Goodbye my sister and may your Soul Rest in Peace and may the reward of being a decent human being be bestowed on you in the afterlife. In this I believe.

Felix Nchako