The first day I met with my sweet Aunty Jeanette, my friend, my supporter, my dear aunty-in-love was in her house 🏡 in Silver-Spring, Maryland 🇺🇲 , about 8 years ago, in September 2014, 3 months before my wedding with her nephew Charlie WANDJI. We instantly clicked! From then on, we developed a loving friendship.

She is the one who, in my village Bamendjou in December 2014 during our traditional wedding, identified me (the Bride) hidden under a blanket (an exercise during the traditional wedding, to ensure the in-laws knew who they were getting married to). She screamed “OliSan” “OliSan.” It was me. She knew me!

We grew to know each other, love each other and to appreciate each other. While pregnant with the twins in 2018, we lived together for about 4months that year.

I remember a friend asked me “how are you coping? To live at your in-laws?” I had told her “I am so at peace, I thank GOD!” My friend exclaimed : “you are at peace at your in-laws?! “
And I was. That was the Truth.

Aunty Jeanette and I never had any problem, no friction, no bad-blood, no anger, no offense, no passive-aggressiveness, no resentment,

While I was pregnant, she would encourage me to
• “drink more water, Oli”,
• “if you need to snack, eat cashew nuts or peanuts, no junk food;”
• “Oli, try to walk at least 10 minutes, even round the block.”

Her precious advice, her loving push, and the peaceful environment I had with her helped me to have a supposed-to-be “medically high-risk twin pregnancy” rather in the best health for me (no gestational diabetes or blood pressure) and for the babies (both born at 7Ibs with no complications pre or post delivery).
My husband and I were so grateful for her love, support and kindness that we named one of our twins after her, by giving him one of her maiden names: “Ngassa.”

She was not just an aunty-in-love, she was closer to me than many of my blood-aunties.

She was a dear friend to me.
An intimate friend to me.

A Sister-in-Christ to me. I loved going to Forcey church with her, and doing weekly Bible studies and quarterly spiritual retreats with her, within the ministry of PrayingBrides.

Oh I miss her very much, my sweet Aunty Jeanette ♥️ , my dear friend.

Woman of Kindness,
Woman of Faith,
Woman of Love,
Woman of Principles.

We loved her ♥️♥️♥️
And GOD loves her so much more.

She is resting now, with no pain, no suffering, in full Love, in full joy and in full Glory!

As we mourn her physical departure from earth, which leaves a hole in our lives, we look forward to meeting her again in perfect love, peace and joy in Jesus CHRIST!

Until then, I remain forever Grateful 💓💓💓

– Oli
(Olivia Mukam-Wandji)