Aunty Angeh,

Over the many years I knew Aunty, she has always treated me like family, embracing me with love. Aunty not only gave me a friend and brother in Peter, but she gave me a second place to feel at home.

I cherish the conversations, laughter, and moments we shared. I remember our first encounters, when Aunty would drop Peter and I off at school when we missed the bus. Whether it was cooking breakfast after early morning practices or coming in after a night out, Aunty always gave me a warmhearted welcome and made me feel comfortable. I remember Aunty’s soft spoken voice and radiant smile every time we chatted.

Her tenacity and entrepreneurship has been very inspiring to witness and support. I recall when Aunty first launched her jewelry line and hosted a viewing at the house. This was the first time my mother and Aunty met, discovering they share the same alma mater. Throughout the years, it has been amazing to see her creativity and wisdom as a pharmacist shine through her products.

Aunty means so much to me and I will forever be grateful for her kindness and generosity.
Thank you for everything Aunty, love you always!

Liz Adesanya