My dear sister, since the first day we met in 1973, nothing could separate us. All the mischief as teenagers, all the fun times, all the hard times, all the laughter, all the tears. All the checks you put on me. You only have to say Flo with a gentle but stern voice and I got the message. There was time to fool around and there was time to study and we survived PSS Kumba.
You went to Yaounde I went to Bambili. Distance did not stop us. We had big ideas, big plans. We knew we were going to “fall bush”. You left for New York in 1982. We immediately started plotting on how I will join you. This time with one misstep. I ended up in Los Angeles. Again distance did not stop us. As poor students, we figured out ways to make coast to coast friendship look easy.
What a friend, what a counselor, what an advisor, what a teacher, what a fair judge, what an organizer. Everything has its place.
As a pharmacist you were superb. You were made for that job; calm and supportive.
As a wife, you gave it your all. As a mother, your understanding of your role was unmatched, especially for the job that is learn as you go with no certificate prior to signing up. Our boys know that.
As a friend, I did not have to call every second, no explanations needed, no talking even at times. The understanding was there.
As a Christian, you entrusted your past to the Lord’s mercy, your present to his love, and your future to his providence. You were a foot soldier for the Lord. You worked hard in his vineyard and for sure you won some souls for him. You did not fear adversities because you were ready for it. You carried your cross so well you made it look light. Always smiling for the most part. You joined your suffering with that off the Lord. It placed your soul at the foot of the cross and the cross places it at the gates of heaven. You were fully prepared.
You were fearless, your courage was enormous, knowing that His never ending care was assured. In the thick of it all, you found the energy to walk around the block. You were so talented; with enjoyment, you made jewelry, soaps, lotions, and also cooked and baked. In the past, you designed clothes for us in school as teenagers. What a woman! You tried to live in communion with all who came your way.
Jane we had unfinished business. You know, man proposes but God disposes. I must say I am completely lost without you. The calm and soothing voice that always applies the brakes. I will keep the faith. You have been delivered from earthly sorrows and entered into the joy of eternal happiness. I know that and I pray for your soul.
Thank you for your Love always. Flo came, this is for you. Now I say, Jane rest, our prayers are assured.

Nkie Florentia Forsac-Pefok