Hi Ngas;

Our good Lord, in his infinite wisdom has decided to call you to his kingdom. I cannot find the words to express how empty and rudderless life without you has become. I know you do not want the kids and I to be sad, so we will try to be buoyed by the indelible footprints you left in our lives.

On the ladder, clearing the gutters yourself! The soccer players would be inspired by your indomitable spirit!. Resolve, Resilience, respect !

I am thankful to you for having graced my life with your presence, first as a classmate and a friend, then as my wife for more than twenty nine years. You enriched my life as you did others’) in so many ways. I am the better for having known you and I do miss you terribly!

Your generosity of spirit was amazing.  Despite the fact the immeasurable distress you endured, your first concern was  your family’s welfare. I have become aware of the breadth of your influence on the lives of so many people through the devotions that your shared.

As Burns wrote, ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry’. I am distraught that you will not share our earthly home with me, but I am certain that the Good Lord has welcomed you to an infinitely better home in heaven.

I promised to be brief, so I will simply say that I love you, I feel your presence, and always will while God grants me breath. I am hopeful that we will meet again.

Til Then,

Adieu mon amour!