I held off as long as I could writing a tribute for two reasons:
First:  writing a tribute means coming to grips with the reality that you have transitioned to be with our maker whom you served so faithfully.
Second: I am still struggling to find the right words to convey how caring, genuine, loving, and amazing you truly were.  Not sure those words exist in the dictionary. How do you describe an Aunty in excruciating pain and who was just given a grim prognosis by her Doctors, who still gathered the strength to make a phone call and check on her nephew because she heard he was under the weather and not feeling well. Aunty Jane, honestly I was both confused and yet not surprised by that call you placed to me, at the time we were all praying for a miracle and a divine intervention in your situation.    I was not surprised because that was the core of you… caring unconditionally… not even the excruciating pain you were enduring could stop you from checking on your nephew. Again, no words in the dictionary to convey how amazing you were… should I say near to perfection as humanly as possible.
Farewell Birthday mate.
Farewell Aunty, till we meet again.  

Clovis Tchatcheut