My dear, “de idea is dea”.
Since your arrival in Maryland, you had a clear idea about your life that led you to love, marriage, and then some more. It will take me a lifetime to mention the happy moments, your trials, and your ultimate conquests. We were overjoyed with your relocation to Maryland and the things that followed. In short, the birth of your son, Pete, and my new nephew Bey. Fun memories include our trip from Hunter College New York to Maryland. It thrilled me when you took control in manning radio frequencies with a variation of songs and musics. This went on until we got tired of the choices and therefore the three of us. including your niece, Siobhan decided to do an acapella. Our ultimate choice was “We Are the World”. We proceeded to assigning song parts. By majority decision, you were assigned to sing the Cyndi Lauper part of the song. Needless to say, your introductory high pitch caused me to leave the far-left lane to the shoulder lane. In short, we could not stop laughing at ourselves. In its totality, we all did poorly. Another fun memory was our Fourth of July picnic at the park at Potomac River. Someone brought a boombox and we all danced while you manned the grill. What I remember to this day, is you in your father’s khaki shorts and a fun white shirt, and a face cap worn backwards only befitting a New Yorker. What FUN and JOY you gave us all! I’ll always remember how effortlessly, yet with total abandonment you danced at our home especially during our thirtieth anniversary where you shook it up with your husband. I Miss You So Much!
Unfortunately, there had to be an ending. When the going got tough, you never caved in. You fought a good fight to the end. When the angels came for you, you were ready, for you knew without a doubt where you would end up
My dear Jeanette, you never missed the idea in giving love your all and then some more. I love you and WILL always love you. May God find a place for you in his Eternal Kingdom
Justin Wete (Tanzi)