My sister, my friend!!!

I have still not come to terms with the fact that you’re gone, and that I’m writing this memoriam to you.
So much good has been said and written about you. All true. To know you was to experience God’s true essence. You were beautiful, kind and generous, witty, and loyal. You worked hard at cultivating and sustaining friendships. You exuded a quiet strength that loved with your whole being, selflessly, while also letting it be known nonsense would not be tolerated. Your smile lit up every space and heart you interacted with. In all the years I’ve known you I don’t remember a disagreement or disparaging word. You judged none and shared your truth earnestly.
I remember towards my mom’s last days you stopped by one morning to bring her some of your beautiful homemade soaps. You believed mama ought to have the best. You met us in the driveway on our way to her treatment. I was trying to get her from the wheelchair into the car, a scenario that would repeat 4 times each clinic visit. Seeing me struggle, you immediately called off work to assist. You accompanied us that entire day, leaving only upon our return with mama tucked safely back in bed. When I attempted to thank you and express that I hoped you didn’t get in trouble at work, you gave me a look that shut me up and filled me with so much love and respect. That’s the essence of you!
You were gifted in so many ways..your crafts, gardening, cooking. I would respond after each post from your kitchen with “wow, Ondoa is a lucky man!” I hope that tickled you! 😜
Your passion for your jewelry and beauty products was so deep you gave away more than you sold. Even though we tried to get Nettean a broader market base it was clear that for you it was never about the money. You just loved creating and sharing.
Guess what J? You are now in a place where creativity has no limits. I know you’ve been making and sharing with God and the Angels.
I miss the daily bible verses and scriptures. What you left with us is still so uplifting. When I think of you, and miss you, I pull up @sebenden1024. There I find you!
Infinite love, darling!